- Internet AddOn Screen

From this page you can setup the main page that will be linked to your website.  You may choose the type of page you want listed, whether it is a basic Classification page, Parent List or a Drop Down List.  The Classification page will give you a simple listing of all the business classifications stored in ChamberWare.  While the Parent List is used for categorizing your business types in order to streamline the main page.  This is particularly beneficial for those whose membership contains a very large business class list.  This makes the search process more easy for those visiting the website.  The Drop Down List will allow the visitor to simply select the business class they want from an easy-to-use drop down.  You can also utilize the built in Search feature from this page which makes finding a member even easier.  They just type a key word such as Hotels, Restaurants, or Transportation.  ChamberWare will pull up any applicable links.


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